UBH Strength & Conditioning Class

better_part_of_youBeing Fit. It’s something everyone wants. It means being healthy. Feeling good about yourself. Looking your best. It means pushing yourself to achieve things you never thought you could. It means discovering the better part of you. But you need the right environment to truly succeed at becoming physically fit. You need support, encouragement, and recognition of your goals. You want your workout to be fun, motivating, and exciting!

You will find all this and more at UBH Sport Fitness.

Here’s what to expect:

  • A dynamic warm-up and stretch to promote optimal performance and injury prevention
  • Motivating classes that differ every session and include non-stop high intensity interval cardio sequences with agility, power, speed, strength, core, endurance, and functional compound movements, always providing an effective full-body workout
  • Innovative movements that mimic everyday physical activity and sport, many of which have been developed and tested by Competitive Athlete Training Zone (CATZ), a trusted leader in the fitness industry
  • Music specifically chosen and arranged to complement each activity sequence and carry you through your workout
  • A trained and certified level 1 CATZ Sports Performance Coach and NASM certified trainers.
  • Specific coaching cues and assistance that will help you achieve the proper technique and form for each movement
  • The results of UBH training are tangible & undeniable and this program will support your goals and build on your accomplishments, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain lean muscle, improve cardiovascular conditioning to burn body fat, enhance your speed and endurance, regardless of your beginning fitness level
  • A program that cares about you and looks forward to helping you discover the best you can be