What People Say

Michael Sapers

CEO - CATZ Needham

“Jenn brings energy and enthusiasm to every one of her classes.  As a CATZ-trained sports performance coach she understands the importance of creating a motivational environment that gets her customers sweating and smiling.  You will love training with Jenn.”

Jimmy Bunnell

Former Executive Director SSYMCA Current Consultant, Technogym USA

“Jenn’s class leadership provides everyone with a fun, safe, challenging workout! The music and progressive moves builds strength, balance and stamina. Training in her class reminds me of pre season training for an athletic team getting physically and mentally prepared for an undefeated season!”

Jess Tucker

Duxbury, MA

When I started taking Jenn’s UBH Strength & Conditioning training class in March I weighed 210 lbs., and I thought I was in pretty good shape at age 58. Five months later I now weigh 176 lbs. and I am in the best shape of my life. For the past 16 years I have been an avid triathlete, doing 5-6 sprint triathlons per summer and usually placing in the top-5 in my division. But, I am realizing that the conditioning for triathlon is very linear (swim, bike, run). Triathlon training made me extremely lean and it did virtually nothing for my core muscles. By comparison theUBH Strength & Conditioning training is comprehensive and utilizes all of the muscle groups. As a result I am stronger overall, more muscular and have great endurance. Each one hour UBH Strength & Conditioning workout is like doing a one-hour sprint triathlon – only much better. And I only attend the UBH classes three times a week. It’s truly amazing!

Amy van Aarem

Founder & Executive Director, Hingham Youth Tennis Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach Newbury College

“Jenn Glass has designed a program that is customizable for different ages and athletic abilities and is unlike anything you will find in your traditional ‘health club/gym’. Based on the High Intensity Interval Training method and conducted on indoor turf surfaces (the forgiving surface is a bonus for aging athletes) your body is never at rest during the 60 minute class. She will push you harder than any other trainer you have worked with and your body will undergo a major transformation. Whether you want to get stronger, faster, prep for your sport season, lose weight, or just get toned, Jenn will help you reach your fitness goals. Unlike some of the hardcore classes that tend to make women look bulky and masculine, Jenn’s classes will help you achieve a long, lean, toned look while increasing your cardiovascular capacity, endurance, foot speed, agility, and strength. Participants burn an average 800-1200 calories per class (that’s a lot of Chipotle!). As an athlete and a coach, I saw the difference immediately in my ability to cover more court and last through 2 -3 hour practices and matches. Jenn does a lot of agility and footwork which is critical in sports training. I have brought Jenn in to train my teams and she is incredible in motivating the athletes and achieving rapid results.Her classes are constantly changing and the choreography, pace and music selections make the arduous task of working out more palatable.”

Michaela Streitfield

Director of Junior Rowing, Girls Varsity Head Coach, Duxbury Bay Maritime School

“The Duxbury Bay Martime School High School Crew team has been working with UBH coach, Kerri Mazanec, for almost a year now.  The positive and high energy environment that UBH and Kerri provide gives our team the chance to get on land and gain the strength and conditioning to be better overall athletes. We are thrilled to have the rowers working with UBH and have already seen the power and quickness they’ve gained translate into the boat. Not to mention – the kids are always excited to workout with Kerri!”

Kyle Donohue

“UBH has been a positive addition to my life in so many ways!  Though I grew up playing sports and staying fit throughout my twenties, I had not been in an exercise program since my children were born – 12 years ago!!  I was completely out of shape when I started UBH, and while the first few classes were tough, I was hooked immediately.  I started feeling the positive effects of Jenn’s program shortly after I started, and now, 4 months into it, I feel like a new person!  I love all the aspects of UBH, but I especially like that while it is very motivating, everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace.  I also love that every class is different, and includes both strength and cardio activities – you see and feel distinct results without having to supplement this class with other workouts.  Finally, Jenn is an inspiring and knowledgeable instructor, who makes the class effective for every ability level while maintaining a really fun and friendly environment.  UBH is definitely the way to go if you want to get in shape and stay in shape!!”

Megan Lemieux

“As a life long fitness enthusiast & athlete, I wanted to try something new to jumpstart my routine. I participated in Jenn Glass’ U Belong Here fitness challenge over the winter.  This 8 week program provided me with guidance in setting a challenging fitness plan paired with nutritional goals.  Jenn was an inspirational leader, offering suggestions, advice and encouragement along the way.  I challenged myself with trying new activities such as swimming, which got me out of my “comfort zone”.  With weekly weigh-ins and goals met, I was able to achieve my goal of shedding extra pounds and becoming more lean, toned and fit. I haven’t been down to this weight since I was married 18 years ago!  I have been able to maintain my weight loss and have become more conscious of what I put into my mouth at every meal.  Jenn’s U Belong class is always challenging, always changing and never boring.  From dynamic stretching to tossing a football or catching a frisbee, Jenn keeps the class interesting & fun.  She is conscious about offering modifications and demonstrating proper technique.  I have participated in a lot of the average studio classes but U Belong Here is in a class of its own. I highly recommend it & especially the fitness challenge!”

Scott Lockhart

Certified as a Crossfit level one trainer and Crossfit striking trainer

“Jenn’s UBH class is awesome! Do not be fooled by her sweet and innocent appearance, Jenn will kick your butt… In the good “Wow that was an amazing workout” kind of way. The UBH class is great for people of varying fitness levels. I had to work very hard to not take a break! It was a seriously fun, high energy style workout and definitely pushed me to the limit. I highly recommend checking out Jenn’s UBH, you will not be disappointed!”

I jumped into her class and was super impressed, not just with the athletic exercises and movements, but also with the way the workout flowed to the music. If you enjoy an upbeat and motivating atmosphere then you belong here.

Jenn has a real connection with the members of the class. She kept communicating with us the entire time and was right in there with us doing many of the exercises herself. It’s obvious that she is putting together very well thought out classes and that is a testament to her motivation and dedicated to her members. You are in good hands in UBH.


Ashley Morrison

High Point University

“U Belong Here is the best possible full body workout around. As a 20 year old college student who has never played sports or been one to work out as regularly as I should, I did find it hard at first. However, it is absolutely worth the work and I fully believe you get out of it what you put in. I started going to class in June, and by August, I had not only lost 10 lbs, but I also felt better about myself than I ever had before. I love UBH not just because of the work out, but also because of the atmosphere. It is the most welcoming and nonjudgmental environment I have found when it comes to working out. The people you meet are some of the nicest around and they truly do make you feel like you belong there from your first class.  Every class is different and has something new, whether it be a crazy obstacle course with a hundred cones or playing a spur of the moment rugby game at the end of class. There is always something new and fun to keep you on your toes. I highly recommend U Belong Here Fitness!”

Kimberly Jamieson

“My family and I moved to Duxbury almost a year ago, and away from our favorite gym. I tried some gyms in the area, but nothing kept me motivated. Though I was always the one to hop on a treadmill or elliptical and bang out a workout, I did reach a point where I felt like my workouts became flat and stale. A friend suggested trying Jenn’s UBH class, and I thought, “Why not? I am in decent shape?” I can remember that first class so clearly because I was almost brought to my knees with fatigue. I was completely blown away by Jenn’s class. She uses her knowledge and expertise to create and lead classes that challenge you during every class, no matter where you are athletically. More importantly, they are fun and keep me motivated! Jenn truly cares about each person who steps onto that turf during her class, which is evident in all that she does. Additionally, my husband (who also takes the class) and I on a whim decided to run a half marathon without properly training. We did Jenn’s class religiously during our “training” period, and I can without a doubt say that her class helped prepare us for that half in a way I would never have imagined. We ran well during the race and felt great. I strongly believe our positive outcome is a testament to how the UBH class truly prepares your body for physical challenges such as a half marathon! I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and checking out all that UBH can do for you!!”

Tammy Pomella

“I can describe Jenn’s class in one word, Addicting!!! High energy from the beginning to the end, while working every muscle. Jenn’s classes are different every time, never boring, and always fun!!!”