About Us



UBH was founded upon three basic principles; sport, nutrition, and community. Our theory is that sustained success cannot be achieved without an equal balance of all three. We believe that varied functional compound movements at a high intensity yield the greatest results. We create inspiring music infused core strength and conditioning classes for all ages and abilities. We couple these classes with an underlying belief that nutrition is the foundational component in creating a healthy lifestyle. Finally, we believe in community.

We created UBH to nurture a sense of belonging and social interactions. We seek to enhance this community through fitness challenges, obstacle course races and running events that promote friendship and a shared sense of purpose. We also believe that fostering an environment of positivity, teamwork and camaraderie acts as a force multiplier in achieving your fitness goals. We are all active participants in the Duxbury and South Shore community and pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships premised upon our mutual quest for a healthy lifestyle.  

Our program is located in a 5000+ square foot complex within the RK Crossing plaza in Kingston.


Our Philosophy


The UBH philosophy is simple: in order to make fitness and nutrition a permanent part of your lifestyle, you must really enjoy it. Everyone has goals when it comes to living a healthier life. Many times, however, these goals seem difficult to achieve – they require too much time, you are bored with your workouts, or you just aren’t seeing results. It is easy to abandon your goals if you are not enjoying the journey to accomplishing them! UBH will change all that! We are committed to making your journey an enjoyable one, so much so that you will want to make fitness and nutrition a permanent part of your lifestyle.

Several aspects of the UBH experience will make this philosophy a reality for you. Each class incorporates strength and high intensity interval cardio routines, accompanied by great music that will make you forget that you are working hard! No class is ever the same. The classes are designed to accommodate the beginner, as well as challenge the elite adult athlete – every ability is supported. The classes are lively and fun, incorporating all planes of motion and functional athletic movement. Some exercises will mimic everyday physical activity and others will simulate sport movements. You will see rapid results in your body and your stamina within the first week of taking these classes; you will quickly feel like you belong here, in a program that will challenge you and support you at the same time; you will enjoy the path to achieving your goals, and you won’t give up on them. This philosophy is close to Jenn’s heart. From a very young age, being active has been her passion. Whether playing sports, playing with her kids in the backyard, or chasing after her dogs, she has always been interested in movement, athletics, and fitness. For anything to become a part of her lifestyle, she has to really enjoy it.  Jenn believes this is especially true when it comes to fitness and nutrition. It doesn’t matter how good something is for you – if you don’t enjoy it, it will only be temporary.  She is committed to designing a program that will challenge you but will provide the fun and enjoyment you need to keep coming back!