We offer a variety of training options at UBH Sport Fitness. Whether it be 1-on-1 training, youth sports performance training, a small group training or team training, we can create a specific program for your needs so you can reach your goals. If you are interested in one our training options , please submit a training request!

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Personal Training

Do you need some 1-on-1 time with a coach to hone in on a particular movement or two? Are you recovering from an injury and need modifications? Do you prefer training specific to your own needs? UBH offers personal training sessions to help you work on skills you’re looking to progress at or if you just want training specific to you. Personal training is an excellent option for just about anyone. Get the programming, accountability and motivation you need, from our certified personal trainers and strength coaches to help you achieve your fitness goals. In addition, if you have any specific health conditions or injuries, we will work with you and your doctor or physical therapist to plan a safe, effective program. 

Haven’t been working out but looking for where to begin? Personal training is a great place to start! Your coach will introduce you to a simple, effective routine and progressively build a solid foundation, which will give you the confidence and knowledge to succeed.



1 Session $75 

5 Session packages       $325 ($65/session)   

10 Session packages     $550 ($55/session)


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Small Group Training

Get the personalization and benefits of private training, with support of friends, at a fraction of the cost!!

Whether you are looking to take that first step, get back into fitness or ready to take your fitness to the next level this is for you.  Small group training is designed to accommodate all fitness levels and with YOUR goals in mind. 


 What is Small Group Training all about?  

  • Unique athletic workouts - Customized programs - from beginner to advanced - for your age, fitness level and goals.

  • Individual attention - Our low athlete-to-coach ratio allows us to work closely with you, so you get the greatest benefit.

  • Trained and certified coaches - All of our coaches are experienced, certified strength and conditioning specialists.

Here's how it works:

You make your group, you pick the time and together we set your goals. We will then provide the coaching and motivation through custom designed strength and conditioning programs that will enable you to reach them!


Training pack options: 

Training pack one: 6 sessions 1x week (6 weeks)

Training pack two: 8 sessions 2x a week (4 weeks) 


 6 people : $20/person

 5 people : $25/person

 4 people : $30/person

 3 people : $35/person

 2 people : $40/person


*We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 


Team Training

Our Sports Performance training will teach athletes body and spacial awareness in a fun and athletic environment. Focusing on multidirectional movement coupled with core strength and conditioning exercises, we will not only help the athlete maintain their current fitness level but also prepare them for the next level of performance in their sport. We will focus on agility, footwork, speed development, progressive strength training, core strengthening and injury prevention. Athletes will learn how to move athletically as they jump, shuffle, sprint and backpedal. They will learn the fundamentals of strength training, how to work as a team and to compete with increased self-confidence.  Our certified strength and conditioning coaches will design your team’s fitness program specific to them. We will get your athletes invested, keep them motivated and get results!


Athletes who participate can expect:

  • Enhanced athleticism

  • Improved cardiovascular efficiency

  • Improved coordination

  • Improved speed and agility

  • Improved core strength

  • Improved self-discipline

*Team training runs in weekly sessions. Please call or submit a training request for pricing.